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Arabia, keramiikka taide teollisuus

Founded in 1873, the Arabia factory grew to become one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of modern utility and art ceramics by the middle of the 20th century.

In this book the contributors have placed a particular emphasis on design-related issues.

Each chapter is complemented by illustrations of works by Arabia´s designers.

The book includes the Arabia Factory Marks.

Writers : Marianne Aav, Elise Kovanen, Marjut Kumela, Helena Leppänen, Susann Vihma, Tapio Yli-Viikari, Susanna Vakkari.

Editors : Marianne Aav, Eeva Viljanen, Susanna Vakkari, Merja Vilhunen.
ISBN : 978-952-9878-61-1.
315 pages. Hard cover.
Designmuseo 2009.


The introductory chapter by Elise Kovanen gives an overview of the Arabia factory and its achievements over the years.
Helena Leppänen presents a great deal of hitherto unpublished information on the working methods, techniques, and models of the Arabia decoration department.
Marjut Kumela describes the history of Arabia tableware services from the Asian-influenced revived styles of the 1870s to the incipient modernism of the 1930s and the new challenges brought about by the Second World War.
Susanna Vakkari continues the narrative by discussing the design of utilitarian objects from the final breakthrough of modernism to products of the present day. Susann Vihma and Tapio Yli-Viikari analyse the design philosophy of Kaj Franck, who was an important artistic director at Arabia, with particular reference to Kilta and Teema, his best-known tableware services.
Marianne Aav explores the output of the Arabia Art Department and its significance for the factory´s image.

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