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Herb Mortar, designed by Tuuli Autio, is an enjoyable article for daily use. While using it for crushing desiccated herbs, it gives pleasure to your eyes, hands and mind.

The Herb Mortar had its origin in the Finnish forest. The carpenters of the carpentry shop Tuulipuu selected and chopped down the birches in frosty weather. The logs were sawn into plan´ks and allowed to dry in peace in brisk wind. For the mortar the carpenter selected carefully two pieces of pure, hard birch wood. After both pieces were turned manually on a lathe, the designer carved her signature on the bottom. To keep the mortar surface smooth, avoid moistening it. If necessary, you can wipe the mortar with a rough cloth.

Two young and enthusiastic carpenters, Tuuli and Teemu Autio established their business enterprise Tuulipuu for carpentry and cabinetmaking in 1997. The small firm is located in Humppila in south-western Finland. Tuulipuu manufactures furniture, floor planks, wooden bowls and other woodwork.

The unique beauty of the wood is highlighted by the simple and delicate design in a contemporary but still timeless way. The shape does not have to be complicated to be interesting, but the craftsmanship and a fine finish guarantee the best appearance. In 2002, the combination of distinctive design and high quality craftsmanship earned Tuuli Autio The Young Designer of the Year Prize.


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