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Embroidered paradise

EMBROIDERED PARADISE. Central Asian Embroideries From the Collection of Tair F. Tairov. Editors : Marianne Aav, Harri Kivilinna, Eeva Viljanen. ISBN : 978-952-9878-54-3. Design Museum 2007. 159 pages. In english / finnish

Tair A. Tairov – the Collector
Born ( 1937 ) in Tashkent Tair A. Tairov, professor of international law, is well informed in the traditional way of life in Central Asia. He was frequently commuting between Tashkent and Moscow where he had to prepare and convene a number of international conferences and seminars with European NGOs, parliamentarians and research community on security issues, nuclear arms control and political changes in the USSR – Russia. He worked in the years 1979-1986 for the World Peace Council in Helsinki. Following the the break up of the Soviet Union he returned home and directed his activities to ikats and embroideries from Bukhara, Shahrisyabz, Nurata, Samarkand, Tashkent and Fergana. In 2004 his unique ikat collection was shown in the Design Museum in Helsinki and about 300 pieces of his embroidery collection – also illustrated in this catalogue- in 2007.


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