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AATE, MUOTO, MATERIAALI - Designmuseon kokoelmat

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AATE, MUOTO, MATERIAALIDESIGNMUSEON KOKOELMAT is an introduction to the vivid history of Design Museum Helsinki and its collections of
75,000 objects, 40,000 drawings and over 125,000 photographs.The book features a wide selection of leading works of Finnish design, including innovations and international achievements, as well as many less- known yet historically important examples. The foreword is by Professor Pekka Korvenmaa.

Editors, writers:
Helena Leppänen
Aila Svenskberg
Leena Svinhufvud
Merja Vilhunen

Other writers: Harri Kivilinna, Pekka Korvenmaa, Johanna Luhtala, Jukka Savolainen, Leena Sipponen, Susanna Thiel

Photo editor: Salla Heino, Leena Sipponen

Graphic design: Antti Heikkinen, Eero Heikkinen

Published in: Designmuseo 2013
Publication has been supported by the 100 Year Foundation for the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design

ISBN: 978-952-9878-81-9
194 pages


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