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Coronavirus measures MAY CAUSE DELAYS OR RESTRICTIONS in overseas orders. Read more...

We will update this page as needed, FOR THE PRESENT PLEASE NOTE THAT:

- Orders TO AN ADDRESS IN FINLAND are delivered with NORMAL SCHEDULE AND SHIPPING CHARGE. CHECK THE PICK-UP POINT from the notice of arrival sent by Posti, these may change.

- Within EUROPE DELIVERIES ARE MADE TO AND ORDERS ACCEPTED FROM THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: The Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuenia, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia. DELIVERIES CANNOT BE MADE AND THUS OREDERS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED FROM OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. REGULAR SHIPPING CHARGE.

- OUTSIDE EUROPE DELIVERIES CAN BE MADE TO: Argentina, Brazil, South-Korea, Hongkong, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam and USA. REGULAR SHIPPING CHARGE.

- Due to cancelled airtraffic, THERE MAY BE DELAYS IN DELIVERIES ABROAD.

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